Mud brain

I shouldn’t feel as down as I do, but I do.

My current contract is Java. Server side Java. I’ve spent the last 14 years doing primarily .Net front end & web. The syntax of Java is practically identical to C# and that isn’t an issue. Object Oriented Design isn’t much different.

The problem is that while .Net is all inclusive, Java requires you to either write every last thing from scratch or use 200 different frameworks to get your work done (not complaining about this, mind you, just stating a fact). And thus, I’m “drinking from a fire hose” and personally, I don’t feel my coding is up to snuff.

I’ve also realized I’ve lost a bit of skill when it comes to design work. My strength has always been “Robb, this project is failing bad, please hop in at the very end and get it working.” I’m good at that, but it means I’ve focused on trying to look at a million moving parts and get them to coordinate better.

Now, I’m tasked with considering a million possible moving parts and setting them up to work fine from the beginning, and for some reason my brain isn’t working like I would have hoped it would.

It’s similar to how my music writing is going currently. I can examine a piece of music and ‘copy & extend’ just fine, but if I try to start with a blank slate… I end up with 4 chords and a shitty drum beat.

I think this speaks to being rusty in some of my skills. If you don’t use them on a regular basis, they fade. Even with nearly 20 years of development work under my belt, I’ve lost some of my abilities and it’s showing.

I’ll get back into the swing of things, I just feel like a Jr. Developer on their first job here and it’s frustrating. But it’s also a learning opportunity which is why I took this contract to begin with.

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