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Want to take a “Learn to Code Bootcamp” in California? There’s regulation for that

These bootcamps have not yet been approved by the BPPE and are therefore being classified as unlicensed postsecondary educational institutions that must seek compliance or be forcibly shut down.

Got that? Any learning you do must be approved by the state. You see, you are too stupid to know if the course you are taking is working or not for you and the state is, by it’s very nature, smarter about these kinds of things – even though the state is made up of the same people who are too stupid to know what’s good for them.

Many of these groups appear to be willing to lick the boots of their masters, they just want to be part of the group that makes the rules on said licking

Anthony Phillips, cofounder of Hack Reactor, said the founders of these bootcamps are not averse to oversight and regulation in principle. ”I would like to be part of a group that creates those standards,” he said in an interview at the Hack Reactor offices in downtown San Francisco.

Emphasis mine.

That’s not a principle, by the way.

If you’d like some better examples of lickspittles, just look though the comments. Complaints about the free market run amok. I’m always fascinated by people who think that humans are too stupid to manage their own lives, but as long as the same, stupid humans are ‘elected’ into an office or ‘picked by those elected into office’ that somehow their stupidity is erased and suddenly, they are braniac geniuses who somehow manage to overcome the basic human instinct of self-preservation and betterment and are wholly sinless beings without fault.

Now, some good news is that a LOT of the comments understand the stupidity of gov’t intervention into every facet of life. Some of the comments run in the same vein I’m talking about here of “if we’re too stupid to manage our own lives, why aren’t we too stupid to manage other’s?”

But it seems like all you have to do is raise the specter of “evil-capitalists who wish to exchange money for goods and services” and remind people that bad people may try to scam you out money to get people to want to support people who will take your money at the end of a gun as somehow more ‘moral’ of a choice.

I don’t get it. Probably never will.

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