You Komplete me

Yesterday, the Big Brown Truck of Happiness dropped off my copy of Native Instruments Komplete 9. I had wanted a few of the synthesizers they offered, and it was cheaper to buy the whole set than two of them a la carte.

It comes with 120gb of data. On 12 DVDs.

Guess whose DVD player in his PC had not been used for so long he didn’t realize it had given up the ghost?


So, I used my work laptop and my wife’s laptop to copy the data onto the server, then copied it local to my box. Finally got everything installed around 10PM. So I didn’t get much time to tinker around with the ‘new stuff’ (I had the demos of the synths I was really wanting) but holy hell they’re really getting advanced with modeling sounds.

There’s a module for doing orchestral strings. It’s sample based, but not just “Violin playing a C”. It’s arpeggios and riffs and different playing styles, all morphable to give an utterly realistic sound.

The pianos are amazing. It sounds exactly like you’re playing a baby grand, a standup, or even a giant, 2 story tall piano. The attention to detail is amazing. It’s more than just playing a sample, they add in overtones and convolution that just makes it unbelievably realistic.

There are more synthesizers, effects, and doohickeys than I can shake a stick at. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be good for years to come. With over 12,000 presets, I’m pretty sure there’s something in there that I can use.

If you need me, I’ll be stuck in my office for the weekend.

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