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Ok, just so my 7 regular readers don't get scared, Verizon was out today installing the business Internet line. My wife called me during the ordeal and informed me that the installer had absolutely no clue what he was doing and even admitted so.

So, now apparently I have two ONT boxes on the outside of my house, two battery backups, and two routers in the office. One for the FiOS TV service, one for the Internet. Two identical routers, might I add. Seems like you can't run a static IP on the router that points to the TV or something. Not my problem as I didn't have to pay for either one.

Anyway, after several hours of being on the phone with tech support, the installer assures my wife everything is copasetic and that nothing else needs to be done.

I don't have high expectations of success, but we'll see.

First thing I have to do is configure the wireless portion so my wife's laptop can log in securely. Then, I have to configure the firewall to let just the right amount of traffic through (not too much, not too little!). Then move the server over to the network and try to get to it from the outside.

During this time, SaaM won't be available, but no weeping, wailing, or gnashing of teeth OK? I'll be back, even if it's back on the slow network.

And as aggravating as all this is, I still enjoy putzing around with this stuff.

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