Quite possibly Tango Uniform later today (Updated)

FIOS is here!!!

Well, it's supposed to be here. Some ditz called me the other day to inform me that they couldn't install for another two weeks because of my phone. I had to explain to her that I'm on Vonage and that all I need is an Internet connection. After twenty minutes of arguing with her and her boss, her boss finally informed me it was an FCC thing and nothing to do with actual logic.

So I called the installers, and they had no idea they were supposed to wait two weeks. So they should be here today.

Here's the rub. Sharp as a Marble runs here in my abode. On a beat up, ancient Dell Pentium II with 700 megs of memory. Which is sad because I have two P4 servers sitting under the desk with gigs of memory and raid arrays of disks. The damn things sound like jet engines taking off so I can't have them on 24/7.

Anyway, Brighthouse does not block port 80 out. So that means I can run my web servers here. I've been told by friends that they can't see port 80 in (and my friends are networking engineers and techies) and that FIOS blocks it. When I talked to the installer lady, she assured me they were not blocking any ports whatsoever.

We'll find out later. If you can't get to my blog this evening, well, someone in Customer Support is going to get an ear full. I even asked if I could purchase the business class plan and was told it wasn't necessary. We'll see.

But, don't fret. If I go dark, I will be back shortly to entertain all 7 of you. It just may be a few days.


Of course, Verizon f%cked up big. I called, and they said they'd canceled my order for no reason. So I'm hold with them right now preparing to use every foul word I can think of. Not really, but I am going to have to try real hard not to curse. The people I talk to have a script they work with and that's it. They can't really help me since they've only got X number of buttons to push.

Son-of-a-bitch.... GRRRR!!!!

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