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The Mrs. has complained to me on numerous occasions that we never take any videos of our children, and this is true. We have a perfectly good Sony Digital Hi-8 camcorder, but the problem was always the tapes.

With tapes, I never knew if I could just pick up the camera and start shooting. I had to see if the tape was at an empty point or if I could overwrite what was there. And trying to see what I just recorded? Fuhgettaboutit. I had to rewind which took forever.

Then there was the problem with sharing what I did. Although the data was digital and could transfer to the computer over FireWire, the transfer was real time - an hour of video took an hour to transfer.

So, I went out and got one of these babies.

Sony HDR-SR1

Sony HDR-SR1

It's a High Definition, 30 Gig Hard drive based video camera. Now, I can hit the record button at any time and not worry about overwriting something I've previously recorded. Transfer to the PC is seconds, not hours.

Oh, and it's 1080i high def (I know, I know - 780p would be much better but I think 1080i is going to be the standard since 1080 sounds bigger than 780). Gorgeous picture, I tell you. Even the viewscreen is amazing to look at.

I didn't want to buy a HD based cam at standard definition, and I know that in a few years the cost of these will be half of what they are today. But I'm a tech geek and I wanted tomorrows technology today so I had to spend the money.

So far, I like the camera. It has a cool, slow motion feature that records 3 seconds @ 120 frames per second so you get 12 seconds of cool, slow motion. It's lightweight, the viewer is touch screen, easy to navigate and review / delete videos.

Oh, and did I mention it's Hi-Def?

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