First thoughts on Vista

Pretty. Lot's of shiny things to distract me.

Personally, I didn't have a single issue with drivers. My sound card wasn't recognized up front but the automatic updates picked it up with no problem. My graphics card was supported (although I did get the latest from nVidia just to be safe).

The worst part is reinstalling all the applications that are still installed on the XP64 OS (I'm in dual boot mode until I'm totally safe and upgraded). Even worse is having to reregister software for the bazillionth time since I go through OS's like most people go through Kleenex.

I'm working on my own "Clock" gadget for the sidebar. Here's my graphic.

I'm having a hard time getting the hands to line up in the center and it seems to be a bit goofy acting, locking up from time to time (pun not intended). However, it's a good learning experience. I'm sure I could easily think of some Subtext related gadgets, but alas I have very little time to  do real development.

So, I've officially switched to Vista and I'm so far liking the experience.

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