Not work I want to do

I’ve been using RSS Bandit for years for my feed reader. The developers dropped it a while back, and it has started showing its age. It’s a desktop app, so if I want to read stuff elsewhere, I’m SOL.

I never liked Google Reader or any other reader because they all seem to want to do things for you that I’m not interested in nor can I find one that allows me to organize my feeds the way I want to. For example, I like to flag posts to let me know that I’ve left a comment or that I need to go back and post about it.

As a developer, this tempts me to write my own, but Lord knows I just don’t have the time. What I’d like is a service that runs on the server and a web front end that allows me to check from anywhere, plus allow me to add metadata onto things so that I can do a lot more in the way I like it. Unfortunately, this would probably not be useful to anyone but me.

The other issue is that in order to do it correctly, it would require a lot of effort that I just am not willing to do right now, although the web front-end part would be useful to go through, if for no other reason than to hop back into HTML5 for a while (I’ve been working almost exclusively in WPF for the past year).

I know there were Linux based server side readers, but I don’t run Linux so those don’t help. RSS Bandit was open source, so I guess I could just scrape out the feed reading part of it and bolt on some data storage, but again, that’s effort I don’t have a lot of time for.

Anyone else have any experience with this stuff?

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