The long journey to catch up has begun

So, last night I finally started my quixotic task to catch up with Battlestar Galactica. I had ordered Season 1 Disc 1 from Netflix, but the bastards shipped me Disc 2. The problem is that, out of the box set, Disc 1 is actually the miniseries that started the whole shebang and Disc 2 is actually the beginning of the actual "season".

So, it's a wee bit confusing. But I finally got things settled out and watched all 3 hours of the miniseries last night so I'm ready to start watching the real Disc 2. Eventually, I'll get season 2.0 and probably season 3 by the time I'm caught up (hopefully, by then I will be taping season four and can catch up).

I have to admit, I was stunned at the revelations at the end of the series (*spoiler -ish warning*). The fact that Adama blatantly lied about Earth seems to put a damper on things from my perspective. I'm assuming that they will 'find some evidence' that Earth might actually exist because knowing their trek is futile seems odd to me.

The second thing is you know who the Cylon spy is. I figured you could have milked an entire season out of that plot line as it is. The only thing I'm not sure of is if the spy knows what she is. But since she's one of the 12, that doesn't stand to much reason, but I might be wrong.

One minor note - If the Cylons are indistinguishable from humans physically, then how come 6's spine could glow when she's hot and horny? Seems like that would be a good test. Get everyone aroused and watch their back ;)

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed the show. Loved the 'low tech' angle and how it's rather easily explained. And the new Cylon robots look kick ass.

Can't wait to start watching the series!

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