What's going to happen

So, NK popped a nuke? Let's assume for a minute that it was an actual nuclear device (there is some doubt, but not much), now what?

First, the Republicans will point out how Clinton sold them the technology failing to point out how their current president failed to correct that mistake.

At the same time, Democrats will point to Bush as failing to stop them failing to point out it was their president who gave them the technology.

Both sides will argue ad nauseam about how it's the other's fault. Nothing will get done.

Bush & Co. will mouth a few words that won't amount to a hill of beans. The UN will hold a summit, write a letter, and adjourn for drinks. There will be hearings, investigations, yadda yadda yadda from our congresscritters keenly intent on making it look like they actually do something. No one will see through their smoke screen.

The DNC will focus on how insecure W makes the world and, although they have no plans to combat terror, will ask for you to put them in charge this November. The Republicans will insist we're safer now than before and that we should keep them in power. The Green party will insist hugs, understanding, and conversion to Hybrids will protect us. The Libertarians will smoke pot and wonder why everyone else is so harsh.

Meanwhile, Kim Il Ding Dong will sell a nuke to some 3rd world shithole who will then sell it to a terrorist who will probably simply walk across the Mexican border. Oh, there'll be an INS guy who sees him, but can't do anything about it because, well that'd be discriminatory.

Then, the bomb will go off. Maybe Dallas. Maybe NY. Maybe Shitkicker, Iowa. Thousands will die. The economy will tank.

Whoever is in charge then will blame the other party. There will be hearings, investigations, yadda yadda yadda. Maybe we'll invade Venezuela. That won't work well because as Americans, we've lost the backbone to actually fight a war that is in our best interest. Or, if the war isn't in our best interest, we'll start it then fail to finish it.

And the blame game starts back at square one.

I honestly don't see much of a future for my kids anymore. I'm sure my parents felt the same way during the cold war. I'm probably (and hopefully) wrong. But it's depressing to say the least.

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