It was probably a bad decision

And hopefully I won't read about it in the news.

Yesterday, on my way home from work, what appeared to be a homeless man was crossing the street. Normally, this isn't that big of a deal, homeless people cross streets all the time, but this one was different.

"How was he different?" you ask?

Well, for one, he was on a bicycle. This generally doesn't pop up on my radar of "hmm... something is fishy here" but the large, yellow pickaxe he was waving straight above his head at the cars did strike me as odd. And I mean he held it straight up in the air by the lower part of the handle, putting the head of the pickaxe about 9 feet in the air.

Homeless men on bikes waving pickaxes is probably something I should have called the cops about although I didn't. Not because I didn't care about other people's safety, but the thought of explaining to the officer "Well, I couldn't tell his height because he was sitting down, but he was a little portly, balding with dirty white hair, no shirt or shoes, filthy shorts, oh, and a large yellow pickaxe he was waving around like Conan the Barbarian" just seemed like it would get me in more trouble than it was worth.

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