Maybe they didn’t sprinkle enough of that Government Fairy Dust on him

Kid finds a gun in a Tampa theater. Cop realizes his gun is missing. Coincidence? I think not

Hussey, 38, who has been with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for 13 years, was off duty that day. He had gone to Muvico Centro Ybor 20, according to the Sheriff's Office, about 3 p.m. and stopped in the bathroom before the movie. He put his Glock 26, a personal weapon, on top of a toilet paper dispenser — then forgot it and left.

We’re always being told that only cops have that magic sprinkling of government training dust that allows them to carry weapons and that normal, non-sprinkled people do not have the ability to properly maintain control over their firearms. Time and time again, it’s proven that cops are somehow not immune to bouts of stupid.

Seriously, why the hell did he coonfinger his Glock????? If I find myself needing to drop a Wookiee off at the cantina while I’m carrying, I figure out a way to cover it rather than remove it. And if that was impossible, I’m not sure how I could even begin to not notice I hadn’t put it back on. I’d be terrified the entire time that something was going to happen to it, mostly because this cop will get a stern letter in his file whereas I’d be looking at federal time for ‘endangering children’ or something.

This line is amusing though

Wesley Noland, a Marine veteran, went into the stall, disarmed the Glock and called 911.

This makes it sound like Noland did a roll under the door and with a deft jujitsu move took the gun away from the gun.

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