I’m *almost* embarrassed

That I’m seriously considering shelling out $300 for the lower resolution, developer kit version of the Oculus Rift. 720p rather than the 1020i in the planned consumer model, sure to contain a few bugs that will be worked out later, and my development skills are in Line of Business apps, not gaming or stuff like this.

But… just to play with it. Just to see it in action. I have no idea when they’re going to release them to the public, nor do I know the price. One almost has to assume they’re going to be right in the same ballpark, possibly even cheaper however it could be 2014 before you see these on the shelves at Costco (and by then, there will be some other startup with something that just plugs right into your eye socket).

Not much is supported, only a handful of games are useable by it (and I’m not a big gamer) and at the moment, isn’t useful for anything else as there’s no support to create a ‘virtual desktop’ where it could really shine with the Leap Motion.

That $300 could go toward a lot more music gear / software / libraries / ammo / range time.

Still, I want it.

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