Gun control. It’s what you do…

When you want to see your citizens die

The rash of weekend shootings comes against a backdrop of major gun control efforts by both New York City and state officials. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has emerged as one of the nation’s strongest advocates for stricter firearm regulations, and has long touted the city’s strict gun control rules as helping to bring about a significant drop in crime over the last decade. (The mayor’s office declined to comment on the weekend’s shootings.)

Of course he won’t comment, he can’t. It puts the lie to his push for tyranny and control. He doesn’t care about 15-year-old Sarah Rivera who was hit by a stray bullet protecting a baby. He only cares that she bows before his might and cowers as his subject.

Often we hear about how NYC’s ‘gun crime’ has actually lowered. What’s often overlooked is that the police presence has been upped to levels that would make the Thinkpol uncomfortable. Gun control has nothing to do with it.

And you get to see it in action right here.

Now what?

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