That straw-man never saw it coming.

It never fails. I claim that background checks do nothing because they don’t affect criminals and the rejoinder is always


I never said we can stop criminals from anything and I said nothing about driving.

What I say is that background checks do nothing to lower crime. Nothing. Period. Gun control can lower violence committed with guns, but it will not lower violence overall. In fact, there appears to be a pretty strong correlation between areas with high gun control and increased violence.

Demanding that I go through even MORE hoops than I already do will not lower crime. It won’t stop crime. It won’t stop anything and has never been proven to be even the slightest bit effective and pointing that out does not mean I believe in anarchy and think we should do away with all laws.

That’s a straw man in the highest regard.

Guns are not the problem. People are the problem. And if a background check is enough information to let you know that a person is too dangerous to be trusted with a gun, then why do you believe they should not be in jail?

Besides, it takes a special amount of ignorance to believe you can control people by controlling objects. But that’s all gun controllers can believe in.

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