Next thing you know, I’ll set up a DJ booth at the range

So, I’m going Full Retard on the music thing. I’m picking up an APC 40 on Friday to start my foray into a mix of Dance / Electronica and rock guitar. A heavy blues based dubstep might be interesting.

What I’m aiming for is a mix of Joe Satriani (without the skill) and electronica. The thing is, I want to make sure I’m doing more than just catchy loops, I want to use my music theory that I’m learning along with my guitar work to really make good music. Might not be some people’s style, but I want to ensure it’s not just a shitload of repetitive phrases over and over.

The first brick wall I hit with FL Studio was the lack of control I had. Sure, every knob and widget can be manipulated with the mouse, but it limited the number of things I could putz with at the same time, and even my keyboard’s controls were a little awkward to work with and weren’t natively supported. Bringing those out to a controller will allow me a bit more freedom,and I really like the concept of being able to trigger ‘riffs’ and mix them around in real time to play with various song possibilities. Composition is important but sometimes you need ‘happy accidents’ to really move things along.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to give up gun blogging and change my name to DJ Sin Pantanlones but you poor bastards are going to be saddled with a new topic every here and there.

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