My PC is dead.


The hard drive just makes a loud click and then stops spinning. After a few seconds it spins back up, then randomly stops again.

Gut reaction would be that the drive is bad. But here's the kicker - it's an IDE drive and the same basic thing was happening when I had a SATA drive as the main drive. So it looks more like the drive controller on the mother board.The damndest thing is that the BSOD can't write out the error so I don't get much information from the crash.

I'm going to try a new power supply. Low voltage can cause funky errors and a new power supply is fairly cheap when you consider having to buy a new harddrive or motherboard. What really sucks is if it is the harddrive then that means reinstalling everything again. This stinks because of all the antipiracy crap on all my software that I have to dance around because I've legitimately reinstalled it all a dozen times or so already. Plus, I've got my PC the way I like it and I'll have to redo all my settings.

So, I hope it's just the power supply or at worst, the motherboard (my current install should probably work ok). Stupid computers.

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