Oh, the pain...

I suffer from some variant of carpal tunnel syndrome. My thumb and forefingers on both hands have a tendency to go completely numb at times…. if I’m lucky. If I’m not, like right now, they burn incessantly.

My super keyboard went on the fritz again last week causing me to revert to a regular keyboard and mouse for a few days. It’s working again, but not after my pain returned in full force. I’m barely able to move my wrists. Playing hours and hours of Oblivion hasn’t helped any.

I really need a new approach to getting words and data into a computer. I tried voice recognition, but it’s still got a long way to go. I’ve absolutely got to learn to not put pressure on my wrists while I’m typing. I’m trying to break my habit as we speak, but my shoulders get so tired so fast.

I don’t want to do something to my wrists that put me out of commission, so I’ve got to start taking better care of them.

Just a public service announcement wrapped up in a little bitching.

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