The studio

The Mrs. has taken the youngest to Sea World today for a Girl Scout trip. The eldest is having her best friend over, which means an entire day of them sitting in her room, reading books together. That means I actually will have some free time which (sorry to the people waiting on work to get done) I am going to use to compose some music.

Here’s where the magic happens

Studio Allen

I use FL Studio as my DAW, an Axiom 61 for the keyboard MIDI trigger, a Zoom G3 pedal for my Paul Reed Smith, and it all gets piped in through the PC on the left (the box behind the guitar is the lovely machine used to display this very website you are reading).

I wonder where I’d be at today had I this kind of recording power back when I was in high school, learning how to play. Here, using pretty much off the shelf components, I have a full recording studio that can actually produce top notch sound albeit with a LOT of work. Better equipment would make it easier to mix and master. Still, I could crank out something on this that takes the world by storm.

Not saying that’s going to happen today, but at least I’m going to have fun trying.

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