Printing the death of gun control

3D Printing of an entire handgun is around the corner

Will it work? Wilson thinks it will, and it won't be just a one-shot wonder it will be able to fire a few shots before melting or breaking.

Wilson didn't want to reveal too much about what could become the world's first fully 3D-printed gun, saying he will make the actual announcement soon. He did reveal some details, however.

The gun will be made of 12 parts, all printed in ABS+, a very sturdy type of thermoplastic. There might be, perhaps, just one small metal part — a firing pin.

I’m curious to know how the barrel is going to work, but I’ve learned throughout the years to cast doubt aside and wait until the final product comes out. Even if you still had to buy a barrel… this would be huge.

The future is coming, ready or not, and the ability to build a working firearm at home with the press of a button effectively makes any and all gun control a moot point. That won’t stop the gun banners because taking the guns away from criminals has never been the goal of their actions, the complete disarmament of the populace to allow for full governmental control is.

The PSH, of course, is palpable

"It's a very frightening prospect," said Brian Quan, president of X-Object, a Brooklyn-based startups that distributes consumer 3D printers made by Delta Micro Factory Corporation. "I'm against the idea that someone could stealthily have a weapon that could kill somebody without even being traced."

So quan is scared of the idea of knives, drugs, piano wire, screwdrivers, pillow cases, scissors, acid, sticks, stones, baseball bats, etc? Because I assure you, there are MANY objects that can be used to kill that are untraceable.

At the same time, though, Quan doesn't think the government should step in.

Good for you. I’m happy to see you at least understand the solution to any problem isn’t the government. However…

He's more in favor of an industry self-imposed regulation, perhaps using DRM-style access control technologies, which are used to limit the copy of DVDs.

Because NOBODY can copy DVDs using free software. Oi vey! How can people so smart be so blind?

Anywhoo, gun control is dead, and the death certificate is printed in ABS plastic.

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