.Net Programming tip

Here’s a tip that will indubitably decrease the amount of time you spend developing in Visual Studio .Net.

If you make a change on your local development box, compile, and notice that none of your changes seem to have taken effect, attach to the aspnet worker process (ASPNET_WP.EXE). Then, set a break point at your change. Hit refresh on the page to hit your breakpoint. Now, there could still be an error that causes you not to hit the breakpoint. Stop debugging and restart it to ensure you’re attaching with the Common Language Runtime.

Do this for 3 hours.

Then, for shits and giggles, ensure you’re actually viewing your application off of your development box and not the @!$~%& test server. Can’t debug the local build while looking at another server.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled lack of blogging.

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