That was FUN!

I’ll give you a minute to wipe the sarcasm off your monitor.

Ok, all clean? Good.

By no fault of my own (the blame lies squarely with the NRA and white gun owners!) I ordered the wrong Windows 8 version. I wanted Pro, but didn’t pay any attention to the fact the box didn’t say Pro anywhere on it except in the tiny tiny tiny text on the back that said “Oh, by the way if you want to upgrade Win 7 Professional, you’ll need Win 8 Pro” which explains this little fiasco. Live and learn.

So I ordered the Pro Pack which is nothing more than a serial number. Shipping on serial numbers suck. Hell, free shipping on a serial number is asinine, but oh well. Came in yesterday and I punched the number in and was told to go take a long walk off a short pier.

Being busier than normal, I contact Microsoft support and let them handle it. 2 hours later, it was still unhandled. I was beyond their 1st tier abilities and was going to require level 2 help so we scheduled another call for this afternoon.

I hung up and fixed it myself.

I did the install to watch it fail and ran Sysinternal’s Procmon to see what was going on. I saw a log file was being written, so I found it, opened it up, and located the line with the error. Tracked down the root problem which is the fact that instead of my Users directory being on my C:\ drive, I had created a symbolic link to another drive so my SSD didn’t fill up. Turns out, Windows Update sometimes is hard coded to put an update file in a specific directory and that cannot be in a symbolic link. Errors are all over the place for such things.

So, I moved the administration account’s user directory back to C:\ then simply created a symbolic link to my account and ran the upgrade from the admin account and all is happy.

Not a normal thing, but honestly I wish there was an easier option to do it since it makes sense.

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