If it were hyperbole, it would be funny

But this isn't hyperbole from these people, this is what they actually think about us

People who oppose background checks are terrorists. They are an extreme minority who attempt to instill fear and terror in the population. And they are accessories to the murder of children. As I type they are communicating back and forth about how to overthrow the U.S. government. And conservative members of the U.S. Congress are cooperating with these terrorists. Is any more proof needed that conservatives hate our government and want it overthrown?

And the Republican Administration will joyfully be exterminating these violent revolutionaries with drones and even tactical nuclear weapons. Delicious irony, gun worshipers. Republicans only hate government when they're not in power. As do gun-nut, terrorist revolutionaries. Another irony: people who have sex with their guns and fantasize about killing millions of opponents are the very folks whom a dictatorial government employs to subdue the population. They want their police to be twisted, like those who oppose background checks.

Now, not all of this hatred is directed to me as I’m not a Republican, but most of it is. Never mind the fact that I have two daughters of my own, that my wife works at a preschool, that I've volunteered time and money at a local child abuse center, and that the safety of children is on the top of my personal priorities, none of that matters – I’m a killer in waiting just biding my time until I can slaughter millions BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (I don’t have a mustache to twirl)

How do you reason with such hatred and ignorance? I wish this was simply a single example that can be safely ignored, but everywhere there are anti gunners, there are large swaths of such behavior. It’s part of the Why are gun controllers so violent? question we ask all the time.

I oppose background checks because they amount to nothing more than checking the padlock on the door while the horses run free. Point of Sale is too late in the sequence of events to matter and it’s been proven time and time again that criminals simply steal their guns or buy them off the street where there’s no magical cash register going to stop them.

That’s common sense and for bringing it up, I’m a psychopath?

Hat Tip Say Uncle, who probably only had kids as a smokescreen

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