A brief respite

So, yesterday, the Gun Control supporters did what they do best – fail. They threw around lies like “90% of people support background checks” and then cannot fathom why they couldn’t even get a bare majority of Democrat senators to vote for it.

I guess after you lie to yourself long enough, you start to believe it as gospel, but smart people would realize something with 90% approval would be a shoe in for a constitutional amendment. Alas, delusion is a powerful force. For example, see this tweet from CSGV to me when I mentioned their inability to get any meaningful change done

Our Rose Colored Glasses are a little dirty

Pot, meet kettle.

Yesterday was a resounding victory for gun owners, and it’s pathetic that when Americans’ Constitutional rights are upheld, it’s called a “stinging, political defeat for the President”. I don’t think the CCRKBA is going to come away from this unscathed either, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the SAF as an organization right now, but most gun groups are sighing with relief.

For now.

Because while this was a phenomenally great win and a battle that truly shows where our power lies (at the grassroots), it was just one battle. Our enemies are not done, and there will still be dozens of attempts to ban random things in an attempt to seem ‘sensible’ as they move toward their eventual goal of total disarmament.

Nationally, this is probably not going to go anywhere for a while while the tyrants lick their wounds, but at the state level, there can still be plenty of negative movement. The worst offenders are doubling down and when they do, there can be ripple effects to other states.

For now, take a day off. Relax and enjoy the fact that the impending collapse of our nation has been put off for a brief moment. Don’t get complacent, there’s still a lot of work to do. Make sure you call your senators who voted correctly and thank them. Positive reinforcement is beneficial.

So, I raise a glass of Gun Banner tears to all of you and drink in its sweet, heady flavor in a toast to all free men and women.

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