It done blowed up

The Windows 8 upgrade was the fastest, smoothest upgrade I’ve ever seen. It literally was 5 minutes between “Would you like to upgrade your computer?” to “Where the #(*& did all my apps go????”

My definition of ‘upgrade’ apparently is a little different than it is in Redmond. It basically was a clean install, so I lost all my applications. Luckily none of my data was harmed, and since I used a symbolic link to keep documents and whatnot, everything was where I last put it. I had backups (although not the freshest) for Thunderbird and Firefox, and am now just going through and reinstalling everything I need.

I’m ok with this, because every few months one should reinstall their OS. You don’t realize how much craptacular things get installed until you look through your Program Files directory.

Anyway, I’m comfortable with Win 8 because I’ve been using it for a while, and I really wanted it for when the Leap Motion is released (mine will be shipping out on May 13th). Plus, I’m starting to develop for Windows Store, and being on Win 8 makes it easier.

I’m one of the few people who has gone “No Start button / Menu? Works for me, I never used it anyway”.

Only drawback right now is I’m a few days behind on some projects I was working on, and it will probably be Sunday before I’m back on track.

Oh well. Glad I had backups!

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