What do you get

When you combine 3 months of guitar lessons with FL Studio and a bit of trance?


(For those browsers that cannot see that widget, this is a direct link)

It’s not much, just a :45 second little ditty that I managed to put together last night, but one I’m actually quite proud of and plan on working on this as a full song. The backing ‘trance pluck’ is quite complex and I used Cthulhu to assist in the progression and originally I couldn’t ‘hear’ a guitar part for it as the song sounded too electronic.

But just working on some practice, I came across a riff that suddenly went “Hey, that would work in that song!” and lo and behold it did! I’m especially proud of the second part as I was able to integrate a LOT of my focus areas – arpeggios, pentatonics, bends, and alternate picking. Plus, there’s a “Sultans of Swing” riff thrown in for good measure.

Let me know what you think. You can’t hurt my feelings, I don’t have any, and if anything needs improvement I’m all ears (pun intended). Mixing is the hardest part, and I tried to ensure I didn’t push the volume so as to not get started in the loudness war.

Hope you enjoy!

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