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As some of you may or may not know (or care), I’ve been immersing myself in music lately, both in “relearning” guitar as well as digital music creation. Part of the reason I’ve been so caught up in this is because I’ve found it’s a great way for me to relax my mind after the stress of watching this world come apart at the seams gets to me.

I’m trying to combine my love of electronica / trance / techno / Goa / dubstep and guitar into something useful. I’m cramming so much music theory into my brain it hurts but it’s important because while most electronica flavored music is repetitive and uninspiring, some people manage to get beyond the whole “Oh, I made a pretty wub-wub sound” and produce something that holds your attention.

Alas, one important thing about electronic music is having a good sound. I’m focusing on making the chord progressions and the melody interesting, trying to find the time to create a sound from scratch is beyond my time allowance. So the best thing to do is just grab existing sounds and tweak them if need be. Unfortunately, some of those sound packs can be really friggin’ expensive, especially if you take into consideration I’ll only use a small handful of the sounds as well as they’ll probably never be heard outside of a few people.

As an aside – To the companies that require a USB Dongle to operate your software. :30 of searching will give anyone the crack to break that shit wide open. All you do is irritate your paying customers and turn off potential customers such as myself. I avoid DRM like crazy, and requiring a hardware solution that doesn’t stop piracy at all is a non-starter for me – you won’t get my business, period.

Anyhoo, if anyone here knows of any good sound libraries (preferably free), can suggest a decent VST plugin, etc., I’m all ears.

I’m never going to be a guitar / electronica virtuoso. That’s fine with me, I just want to enjoy making music. It’ll give me something to do while I watch the world burn.

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