There are more of us than you think

Miguel had a post yesterday where he found a gunnie in an unexpected place

He took a look at the card and said “A CWP! I love you!”

I was a bit taken aback. Yes I suspect the gentleman was of the softer side of males but it was not because of that but by the actual friendliness which he expressed. We got to talking as he was finishing my fleecing paperwork and he admitted that he had one too and that he had decided to arm himself after being victimized at a convenience store/petrol station. I congratulated him on taking his own safety serious and reminded him that we were in the fight for our rights as we are being attacked by politicians. He was slightly aware of something going on, but not at the level we do (we as in hard-core pro 2A activist.)

At the next visit, he warmly received us and I gave him my last Keep Calm and Carry sticker I got from the GRPC. He was happy and to my amazement, proudly showed it to everybody in the office who was envious for the gift. It the struck me: There is indeed more of us that I even figured out. They just simply are not as active or visible or thoroughly engaged as some of us.

Yesterday, while getting my pupils molested, I found out the optometrist was a gunnie as well. In fact, the receptionist, upon seeing that I had put competitive shooting as my hobby said I was going to get along with him just fine.

It was neat, sitting there having my cornea violated, and seeing a box of Shooter’s Eyewear with Julie Golob on the cover prominently displayed, race guns and all.

There are more of us out there than you can imagine. Most of them just aren’t as plugged in and active as you or I and it is imperative that we reach out to them and get them active.

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