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College campus has someone filming some show. Student mistakes monopod for a fully automatic Glock AK-74 with hip-spray adapter. Calls cops, panic ensues, everything eventually gets back to normal… sheep return to the pasture to graze.

Seriously. Read the comments. These are our future ‘leaders’ with brilliant insights such as

The fact that it took 20 minutes for the alert to be sent out AFTER I first heard about it when I was near by is ridiculous. And the fact that I personally (along with more than half of the people I was with, included teachers) did not get a text or e-mail is even more scary. What if it was serious? Campus safety needs to stop spending their money on segways and spend it insuring EVERY student and staff member gets alerted properly.

You see, the lesson isn’t that you should look after yourself. No, the lesson here is “Live in Condition White until you get a text message telling you otherwise”.

Yeah, campus safety needs to get word out faster. The library staff knew what they were doing before campus safety could communicate it. Also where do students go if they can't get into buildings during a lockout? Many people walking around campus that weren't in a building had no idea what was going on until the delayed message from campus safety was sent out. There should be some kind of emergency siren.

A siren! GENIUS! Let’s take an isolated area of a possible problem and panic an entire campus. While we’re at it, when there is a fire in Dorm A, we should set off all the sprinklers in every building!

Thank You Campus Safety

I as a student feel so safe on campus and am thankful for all of their hard work

In this instance, there happened to be someone there where there was… no problem. But this little ewe feels safe, and the wolves roaming the area of are no concern to them.

And my personal favorite


I was in the library when the event was announced.

I hid away from windows as campus safety advised, yet was not fearful.

In my head I thought of different scenarios of how I would react when facing a gunman/woman. The situation reminded me of oh so many actions movies I'd watched.

You see, I watch movies which show such physically accurate portrayals of things like buses leaping over bridges, people being thrown through drywall after getting shot with a .38 snub nose, and Superman catching an airplane on the nose and yet the nose does not crumple from the weight, and thus I am well prepared to handle all sorts of emergency situations!

I’m not saying arm every student. What I’m saying is we need to put a stop to this belief that your safety is better served by relying solely on someone else to provide it. Texts are great, unless your phone is off / has no signal / doesn’t bother you since you’re busy playing Angry Birds. And while there’s nothing wrong with going on a higher alert when a possible threat is known, you shouldn’t be yanked out of Condition White for that to happen.

I think the worst part of all this is the expectation from students that because someone just happened to be already at the site that this will always be the case.

You are your main security provider. Everything and everyone else is just help.

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