During an emergency, you should dial 911

To make sure your murder is at least recorded for posterity

A Dallas-area woman can be heard pleading for help in a 911 call as her ex-husband breaks into the house before killing her and then himself.

DeSoto police released the 911 recording in Tuesday's night's fatal shooting of 37-year-old Catina Lareese Murphy. Her former husband used to be a police officer in Arlington and with the Cedar Hill Independent School District.

Let’s look at the myriad of points here. An ex cop, one of the few people the anti’s trust with a gun, an unarmed woman who knows her ex probably was a few dimes short of a proper toll, and the belief that 911 will protect you, all of which added up to death.

Dialing 911 isn’t going to protect you. The ex-cop knew this, knew he’d meet no resistance, wasn’t afraid of any extra sentence he’d face if the guns he used were illegally obtained or carried, nothing. The only thing that would have stopped him is her being able to defend her life with more than a wireless phone and shrieks of fear.

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