The horse gets mighty tired of looking at the cart when you put it in front of him

I have a small beef with many of my fellow gun rights supporters, namely the seemingly kneejerk reaction to point to the fact that all the recent mass shooters were on some sort of SSRI medication. Of course they were, they were bugnuts crazy before the meds, that’s why they put them on it - to try to control it. But the way many people speak of things like Paxil, Zoloft, and Lexapro, you’d think that Little Johnny Killemall was a perfect choir boy who was just a little depressed and because he was forced to consume 10g of mind altering drugs a day he suddenly went berserk.

No, the reason Insaney McInsaneypants went berserk is because they were already crazy to begin with.

The problem is that a lot of people are wanting a simple solution to a complex problem and one coincidental thing that’s easy to point out is that they all were taking a certain kind of pill. But just like we argue with guns, hundreds of thousands (if not millions  of people are taking the same medications and not shooting up malls, churches, orphanages, and YMCA events for disabled children.

The reason I get my dander up on this issue is because I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t have “deep, underlying psychological issues”, I’m not crazy, I don’t hear voices or feel violent, my brain simply has a chemical imbalance. My doctor loves me. The insurance company hands him a bag full of cash for me to sit in his office for 5 minutes while he writes a script. He doesn’t have to talk to me about daddy issues or how I’m feeling watched or anything else. I recognize my condition for what it is – a chemical imbalance. Nothing more, nothing less.

My overarching issue is that there are plenty of people who readily jump on the “No guns for mentally unstable” people who then use the SSRI as a clear indicator of instability, and this is not true. I realize many gunnies don’t intend for this to be the case, but remember politicians don’t care about intent, they only care about control and will use every inch you give them.

If a person is too mentally unstable to have a gun, they are too unstable to be walking the streets. Period. It has nothing to do with what drugs they take, so please be careful when you point fingers at the pharmaceuticals .

As a side note, I’ve had someone say that me having panic attacks means I could snap and kill people. They don’t understand what PAs are – during a PA, trying to think about even operating something as complex as a pencil is out of the question, much less what would be required to think about the mechanics of killing others.

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