Ready to get your geek on?

I think there is comedy GOLD to be found in a parody site of ARFCOM, set in the Star Wars universe. There would be 8 page threads over the Incom T-16 vs the Kuat A-45.

Calling someone “Palpatine” would be the Star Wars equivalent of going ‘Godwin’

People would insult others with “Dude, did you even serve in the Imperial Fleet?”

“Hey, if the Xton B-99.3 was good enough for the Royal Guard…”

Massive arguments over if the Jawas deserved their fate or not.

“All I’m saying is that you register you land speeder, right? Why isn’t there similar controls over lightsabers? I mean, you can pick up a laser sword easier than you can pick up a used X-34 in Mos Eisley!”

“Gungans for Blaster Control”

So… get your geek on. Hit me with your best in the comments.

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