I should have been an engineer

Watch this video regarding digital to analog signals. I’ve known a lot of this stuff through my geekiness and the fact I was an electrician in an earlier life, but it’s always neat to see it brought into modern times (The scopes I used were much older than the ones he shows in the video).

What I want to point out most critically comes near the end around 21:40 – After the entire video, the author says to dig deeper, to not take his word for it, to do the experiments yourself and prove that what he says is true.

This is how science works. This is how engineering works. People who are the most assured that their view is right do not fear others having full access to the data. He has no need to obfuscate what he has done. He is 100% assured that what he has said is correct and is willing to let you do the exact same experiments to show it. And, I would be willing to bet, without meeting him or knowing of him outside of this one video that if you were able to show his conclusions to be incorrect and showed him your data, he would perform the experiment, come to the same conclusion, and change his views.

I’ll leave it at that. It’s a point that stands on its own.

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