Ignorance can be deadly

They really are this stupid


These are the people who consider themselves more enlightened than you or I and who think they have what it takes to rule your life. It’s like watching a retarded kid scream about how your tying your shoelaces wrong and then gets confused over the Velcro straps holding his sandals on his hands.

As I wrote on Twitter, gun control supporters fear a tube, sealed at one end. They don’t understand the tube, can’t comprehend why anyone would want a tube, can’t comprehend that the two tube are identical minus their furniture and only want to ban one of the tubes and why are you tube-nuts so upset over their sense of aesthetics???

Remember, before guns, there was never a need for self defense. Ever. The world was perfect and harmonious and then some Chinese guy had to go ruin a good firework display by pointing one of the damn things at his brother and invented ‘violence’.

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