Both my girls were accepted into the charter school we applied at. This is a big relief for me.

The elementary school they currently go to is considered one of the best public schools in the area. With few exceptions, the girls’ teachers have been excellent but sadly they’ve also been saddled with limitations. When Irelyn started the school year they tested her reading. She was expected to be at a 12 and by the end of the year should be at a 28. She started the year at 28.

We were told “Well, there’s not a lot I’m going to be able to do for her”.

In one class, there’s a boy from China who refuses to speak / learn English. Teacher still has to expend time and effort to try to get him to do things.

This school’s policy is that if you’re in X grade, but at Y grade level in Reading / Science / Math then you go to Reading / Science / Math in the grade you’re capable of, not the one determined by your age. This means, no ‘gifted’ programs because honestly, most kids aren’t ‘gifted’, it’s more that the school system is stunted and cannot provide more than a one size fits all curriculum and thus anyone not within the spectrum is either ‘gifted’ or ‘slow’.

For both my girls, this will challenge them. This will be interesting because they’re both used to being able to fly through anything. When they have to work for it, we’ll see how they hold up (I suspect just fine). This is as close to private school as we can get, which was going to be our next choice since the middle schools in the area are not places I would ever send my girls to.

They’re excited, as are we.

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