Remember how I said intent cannot be transferred?

Because I sincerely doubt Juan Valdez intended his finest brew to be used as a weapon

When a man tried to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts in Connecticut on Saturday night, an employee acted quickly and stopped him with the closest weapon available -- hot coffee.

Normally coffee makes for nothing more than a good drink. Here, it turned into a weapon based on how an individual used it. If the intent of an object was transferrable, then the robber would have simply sipped the java and been slightly more awake. Worst case scenario, he’d have scalded his tongue.

Instead, the coffee, originally poured to be consumed as a hot beverage, became a weapon and one that worked quite well as it fended off the attack. Ask Caleb, he’ll tell you coffee can also be used to buy a little time while you draw your pistol. Regardless, it is the intent of the person that makes an item a weapon not the item itself.

I sincerely believe there will be no calls for “Piping Hot Coffee Free Zones” or a 3 hour waiting period to buy coffee so you (and the java) have time to cool off. I believe this because everyone knows how stupid that is, but swap out the coffee with ‘gun’ and suddenly people go full retard.

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