The perfect photograph

I took a picture yesterday that I pray to God lasts me for the rest of my life. You see, I took the snapshot with my mind, and it’s one of those pictures that make life worth living.

The family took a trip to the Strawberry Festival like we do every year. Georgia and Irelyn are getting to the point where they like the bigger rides, although Georgia, being older, was a bit more adventurous than iMac. That, and Irelyn is a petite, short thing so height wise she couldn’t ride some things.

George wanted to ride the “Rock & Roll” ride which is basically the Himalaya ride with a different name. Normally, I found that kind of ride milquetoast but this place had the thing cranked up to Ludicrous Speed (yes, we went plaid). The first time we rode it, Georgia was screaming about how it was the most awesome thing ever and couldn’t wait to ride it again.

We went on to ride many other rides but toward the end of the day she wanted to go again, so we hopped back on. During the ride, when they had the thing at full speed and Georgia was literally thrown against her old man, she was holding onto me, closed her eyes, tilted her head back… and for a brief moment, just enjoyed life. The smile on her face, the way her hair was being blown, and the fact she was gladly clinging onto me is a picture that I hope I never lose. For a moment, there was nothing else in the world, just my daughter and her pure, unadulterated happiness. There was no anxiety, no politics, no worries or fears.

The picture was perfect; the event short, but eternal. When I lay on my death bed, I hope beyond hope that that image is one I can recall for that is what life is about.

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