Learning guitar is easy

But last night’s lesson showed me that unlearning my habits is going to be the kicker.

One, I rest my palm on the bridge when I play rather than using my pinky to support my hand when needed. This limits my motion (and thus has had an impact on my accuracy). When I need to palm mute, that’s an appropriate time to do so, but not when I’m trying to play solos.

Two, when picking it was noticed that I would change my up / down cadence every time I switched strings. For example, this pattern

        v    ^   v     ^    v     ^

Should be played v ^ v ^ v ^ but what I do is v ^ v v v ^. This kills the cadence and lowers my accuracy even more. The problem is this is how I’ve been playing for decades and thus last night was an hour of frustration as I played 4 notes. Unlearning bad habits is harder than learning new stuff.

Also, my instructor suggested a pick type change to a smaller, harder, and pointer jazz style pick plus a change on how I hold it since my finger was getting in my way. Another difficult thing to adjust.

Yet, this is why I switched to a real person rather than just DVDs and YouTube videos. No video could tell me my picking pattern was wrong or that I was resting my palm and limiting my range of motion. So this has been money well spent.

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