Holding onto a self-evident truth

Yesterday I made a small joke about not being able to eat an AR-15 after the SHTF. It was really said tongue in cheek because… well, this comment from McThag sums it up nicely

Might not be able to eat an AR, but there's lots of people without one who bought lots of food.

Read that. Let it simmer in your brain for a little bit if you need.

What good is all your work if you cannot defend the fruits of your labor? Come TEOTWAWKI, the police will not be there to arrest the man murdering your family for the last can of Dinty Moore Stew. Doesn’t even have to be TEOTWAWKI, it could just be after a bad storm, hurricane, blizzard, etc. Society is a fragile thing, regardless of how secure you feel.

I still feel people are stocking up on guns and ammo because they fear a collapse more than they fear confiscation. Will you be able to protect what is yours?

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