The po-po placebo

I understand that after a well televised school shooting there’s a heightened sense for some other nutbag to go try to ‘one up’ things, so I get the heightened presence of cops at schools for the interim until the 24 hour news cycle finds another pool of blood to splash around in. The chances are probably statistically nil that another shooting is going to happen exactly where a cop is, but it makes people feel better, and that’s what counts right?

Because we aren’t really concerned if our kids are safer, just as long as we feel they’re safer!

So, we waste valuable police resources to stand in front of the school while kids are being dropped off, then (at least at my daughters’ school) come donut-O’ thirty, the cop hops in his magical protection hansom and wheels away.

But we felt better, right?

The thing that pisses me off is that even die-hard progressives agree that a cop’s presence does in deed add a layer of ‘safety’ that didn’t exist before but they miss why that is. It’s not the cop, it’s the lethal force he or she represents. Not just the gun, that’s a tool, but the understanding that push comes to shove, there is a person there that will suffer no legal or moral ills should he dispatch an attacker to the hereafter. That’s a powerful message, and one that doesn’t require a cop to send.

Arming teachers (again, we’re just giving them the correct tools to do what they should do anyway) is a part of actually making our children safer. Not just arming them with guns or training, although that is part of it, but arming them with the societal understanding that they also represent a lethal reaction to anyone trying to harm their charges. By doing so, that temporary protection that the cop represents becomes permanent.

The uniform doesn’t make kids safe (*cough*recentLACop*cough*) just like a gun doesn’t make you safe. It’s the legal, societal, and moral framework that protects a person who protects others and themselves. It’s time to revoke gun free zones and make our children safe.

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