Did y’all read that Guns & Ammo article on Fifth’s Disease and limiting your child’s exposure?

Because there’s a Pediatrician opining on a subject he has no idea about that makes as much sense

Gun-related injuries are the next most common cause of death in children. In 2010, 6,570 children and young people ages newborn to 24 were killed by guns, amounting to roughly 18 per day. That number is twice as many as were killed by cancers, five times more than those killed by heart diseases, and 15 times more than those killed by infectious diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Notice what he did here. He lumped in 24 year olds with children to give you a ‘scarier’ number of 6,570 rather than the more accurate number of 1,828 if you look at 18 and below. Then he uses percentages as if those matter. Heart disease? You know why heart disease is such a rare killer of dogs? Because they don’t live long enough to develop the problems. Of course heart diseases are less common in children. It’s like saying “Guns kill 8,392% more children than trebuchet accidents!!!!!!”.

He then goes on to illustrate how his medical degree translates into historical brilliance

In the past hundred years, we have developed weapons able to shoot hundreds of rounds a minute, rockets, biological weapons and powerful bombs. These new weapons are for war, sad as that is, to be used by our highly trained military forces or by our law enforcement professionals under extraordinary circumstances. It seems clear to me that while personal and family discipline alone might be enough for safe ownership and use of limited weapons, stronger regulation is clearly needed to mitigate harm caused by weapons designed for much wider destruction

Again with the lies by conflation. He lumps in rockets, biological weapons and bombs and then claims we need to regulate guns because of the destructive capabilities of other weapons. Also, as I have explained, rate of fire has nothing to do with lethality. If you point a AN/GAU-8a 30mm Avenger seven-barrel gatling  gun at a berm, you can let loose with every last round you have, reload, and do it again and not one death will occur, save the poor worm crawling around in the dirt. A thug with a single shot .22 has more lethality than me with a Ma Duce.

And then, this guy who people trust their children’s health to shows he has a grasp on rights right beside a blind mongoose

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights give U.S. citizens amazing privileges…

Gun owners and gun-control advocates alike need to acknowledge that rights such as those granted by the Second Amendment…

No, the Constitution no more granted us a right than the tooth fairy ‘grants a shiny new quarter for that incisor’. It recognizes the preexisting right. You can take the Constitution, burn it, go back in time and kill everyone before they wrote it, and the right to self defense would still exist today.

So you know what Doc? Why don’t you stick to your stethoscopes and tongue depressors? I’ll leave the diagnosis on my daughter’s  health to a pediatrician, and you leave your politics out of it, ok?

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