For sale–As seen on TV

I’m thinking about selling the Glock 20 with Sevigny Competition sights, Comp-Tac Minotaur Spartan holster, and two magazines (Boy’s Life and the 1974 Man of the Year issue of Time).

I want a 1911 in 10mm. Hard to find now, but I want to shoot Single Stack at USPSA and 10mm would just be fun. I don’t ever shoot the Glock any more, not because I don’t like the 10mm, but the more I shoot my M&P, the less I like the feel of the Glock. Reliable as hell (minus the ONE FTF that happened to be when I was on TV), well kept and not a ton of use, maybe 500 rounds total through it.

Mind control unit might be defective as I’ve never even so much as thought about threatening elderly couples out for a walk with it.

Looking around to see what they’re going for right now. If you’re interested though, let me know.

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