Anything worth shooting once

Is worth emptying the entire magazine into

The landlord told detectives he tried to break up the fight, but eventually grabbed his handgun and shot Stell in the torso. At that point, the landlord said Stell came after him, so he shot the man again.

Now, the anti gun groups would have preferred to see a 24 year old, pregnant woman, her 3 year old child, and the 87 year old landlord murdered rather than allow the old guy the tools to defend himself with. Says the police

"From the information that we've been given, we think it sounds fortunate that the landlord was armed in this case," said Snyder. "He certainly would have been no match for a man that's 40 years younger than him."

In this case, Snyder said the landlord may have prevented more violence.

"Having taken action with a handgun may have prevented a possible murder, maybe the murder of both of them," Snyder said.  "We don't know."

Now, I get the impression Stell was enjoying some recreational pharmaceuticals as his actions seem odd plus add in the fact that shooting him in the torso then shooting him again made him so angry he paced around outside for an hour while shutting off the electricity. I don’t know the caliber of the gun used, but it doesn’t sound like he was using a .357 Magnum or anything.

What if Stell hadn’t stopped after the 2nd shot? What if he was so high that 7 rounds might not have done the trick? That is why people need standard capacity magazines. Handguns are underpowered as it is, you don’t always hit your target, and when you do, it’s not like the movies where 1 shot = 1 kill.

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