Plateaus and moving on

So, I’ve kind of hit a plateau in my guitar playing. I’ve been practicing with a local church band and while I can strum chords just fine, I’ve realized I’m missing… something. What that something is, I can’t put my finger on it, pun totally intended, and the DVD set I have can’t reach out from the screen and tell me that I’m holding my hands wrong or I’m grabbing too hard or whatever.

So, I’m starting actual lessons this Thursday.

This guy comes highly recommended and I’m hoping he’ll be able to watch me play and give me the right tips on what I need to practice vs. what I seem to be doing. The DVDs have done a lot of good, but I seem to be not able to move forward on my playing and I’m betting it’s because I’m missing a fundamental somewhere that hopefully this guy will pick up on quickly.

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