The mistake these people make

Is that they honestly believe gun owners are ashamed at being gun owners.

Publishing the list of gun owners is a danger as it gives out a clear map to criminals where guns are (and on the flipside, where they aren’t). These magazines don’t care about that, what they care about is their belief that nobody wants people to know they’re a gun owner as if being one were some sort of scarlet letter.

I’m trying to remember who posted about being at a gun rights rally one time. She was saying there was an anti who was trying to surreptitiously take her and her son’s picture. She approached the lady and gladly let her take their picture and didn’t realize until later that the photographer was being coy about it because she honestly thought people would be embarrassed to be seen at such a thing.

They hate us, and even worse, they hate their version of us which is generally a strawman of epic proportions. The problem is they cannot face reality where gun owners are women, minorities, or anything other than old, fat, white guys. They cling to that stereotype with a faith so pure and strong that it makes Billy Graham’s views look like atheism.

They’re the ones who should feel shame, but I don’t believe that’s possible for them.

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