Nobody is coming for your raisins

Except when they are.

In this case, the USDA imposed on the Hornes a “marketing order” demanding that they turn over 47% of their crop without compensation. The order—a much-criticized New Deal relic—forces raisin “handlers” to reserve a certain percentage of their crop “for the account” of the government-backed Raisin Administrative Committee, enabling the government to control the supply and price of raisins on the market. The RAC then either sells the raisins or simply gives them away to noncompetitive markets—such as federal agencies, charities, and foreign governments—with the proceeds going toward the RAC’s administration costs.

Central planning at its best and brightest, I see.

To answer Sebastian’s question of why more people aren’t outraged, it’s because they know they can rely on the fact that everyone will always look out for their own interests, and thus we have our own outrages we have to fix. I’m totally outraged over this, but there’s nothing I can do – I’m already expending what limited time I have fighting gun control.

Personally, if we could get people to finally understand that the gov’t isn’t the answer to every little issue and stop giving the cretins any authority, we’d have a lot less to get outraged over.

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