I blame Rick Grimes and crew

I love The Walking Dead. The Mrs. and I are trying to catch up before the 3rd season restarts so we can be current (we’re 3 shows into this season) but the show is actually a lot of fun to watch. I mean… Zombies! Which of course, nobody calls them that. They’re called ‘walkers’ or ‘biters’ or something, but never is the word zombie mentioned in the show, which is odd.

Anyway, the one gripe I have about the show is how it portrays guns. Minus the scene where the dude shot the AR with the front sight on backward and no rear sight to speak of, the gun handling is usually pretty good – finger off triggers, etc. Sure, the Foley has to add the prerequisite ‘click’ when anyone brings a Glock to bear, but I’m so used to that it doesn’t bother me. What gets me are the constant, perfect head shots even while running.

I realize that it’s a TV show and zombies aren’t real, but Hollywood has a habit of portraying guns as instant death machines where putting a .38” bullet into a 2” target at 25’ while at a fast paced trot is something even a small child can do. Unfortunately, too many people watch TV and movies and get the entirety of their firearm knowledge from such accurate fare as ‘Die Hard IXII’.

It’s a common gripe, I know, but it actually makes life harder when people honestly believe you can dispatch a room full of bad guys with one shot each.

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