Getting better

Had I not totally bombed stage 6, I think I’d have placed quite a bit higher in total ranking, but admittedly coming in 8th out of 27 Limited shooters feels pretty good.

What I was really happy about were my two bad stages, stages 6 and 1. Stage 6 had a swinger which even the über-shooters missed, but there was no excuse for missing the static target. On stage 1 (I started on 5, so stage 1 was my 3rd run) I found myself once again shooting too high and had 3 misses, two of which clearly scraped the top of the targets but not enough to break the perfs (thus giving me a B).

Why that makes me happy is because I was able to understand my errors and correct them. I was able to, on the following stages, bring my POA back down even when I had to do head shots. This is why I had 0 penalties for the rest of the day. That I can correct a deficiency on the fly means I’m getting better.

Also, I kept repeating to myself, “doorknobs”. When I dry fire at home, I aim for the door knobs on my closet which are only 2” around or so from about 10’ out. When I can ‘lie’ to myself and tell my brain that the target isn’t 25’ away and large, but only a few feet away and small, I can hit it. Just like the door knobs on the closet.

I think the SIRT I borrowed really helped. Once again, when they come out with an M&P shaped one, I’ll probably pick it up since I was able to get onto targets faster this time around although I still found myself not pushing my speed more.

All in all, this was a noticeable improvement in my shooting. I’m not saying I’m ready to claim ‘B’ class status, but I hope by the end of this year I can at least make it to B. I’m also going to start shooting single stack again and see where I land with that. I’d prefer a 10mm 1911 like the Delta Elite I T&E’d, but alas that’s not in the budget for now.

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