Anyone got $20,000 to spare?

Because apparently that’s the cheapest plan available under ObamaCare

As Jeff says

So, in essence, you can pay over $20K per year, or take the penalty — about ten times less than the premium — and still get health care. Which people will do, as they act in their own self interest.

Of course, in the end, this will bankrupt the medical system and drive private insurers out of the market, and is the intentional poison bill built into this monstrosity — along with the bankrupting of Medicare — that will eventually have us all begging for a single payer system. At which point the government will step in and “solve” the “health care crisis” for us yet again. God bless ‘em.

Yup. They’ll demand you fork over the money for crutches you don’t need, then break your legs and demand you be thankful they forced you at gunpoint to buy those crutches. Which will take 6 weeks to get to you. And you can only have 1, non adjustable one.

One constitutional amendment I would like to see the American populace push for is one that states “Congress may not exempt itself from any laws it passes”. Make them eat their own dog food for a change.

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