Unicorn salesmen

I got this quote in the mail from Gunlaws.com this morning

"The Brady bill will make the streets of America so safe that our nation's police will not even need to carry guns anymore."

William Jefferson Clinton, on TV, while signing the Brady bill in 1993,
quoted in Sheriff Richard Mack's book, The Magic of Gun Control.

The problem is that politicians know this isn’t true, but they continue to sell it anyway. They promise a unicorn in every household and even though anyone with an IQ just north of warm butter knows there’s no such thing they buy into it anyway because it’s what they want to hear.

I guess that’s one of our bigger burdens we carry as gun owners – we have to deal in reality, which isn’t always friendly, cuddly, or happy. People don’t want to hear that, they want to hear everything is going to be ok and as long as they get to pet the unicorn they were promised and when you shine the spotlight on the donkey with the carrot strapped to its head, they get pissed and fight back.

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